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Authentique depuis 50 ans

933 Rachel East

Montreal, Quebec, H2J 2J2

514 521 1444

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I was seven or eight when I started coming to Ty-Breiz. My mother would give me change to buy a crêpe. I kept coming back?it's where I took my wife on our first date! We keep coming, even after we moved to Saint-Jean.
François Marcotte customer since 1995

It's simply the best place in Montréal for crêpes. My friend and I have actually christened it the Mother House! We can always find a good reason to eat a delicious meal here, consisting of the must-have Ty-Breiz salad, a cheese and asparagus crêpe, and a cup of their excellent coffee!

Ghislaine Pelletier customer since 2000

Ty-Breiz is my favourite restaurant. Well located, welcoming, wonderful ambiance, great food, attentive staff? who could ask for anything more?
Gilles Leroux customer since 1979

I've been coming to Ty-Breiz for more than 15 years. The food is simply delicious. I hope Ty-Breiz will always be there to provide such a wonderful dining experience. It's a recipe for success!

Paul Larivière customer since 1995

Ty-Breiz is the place to celebrate birthdays. At every special occasion, I always have the special salad, the frog legs and the famous crêpes. In the last 40 years, I've celebrated on many, many occasions. I hope they continue for another 50 years!

Cosette Hache
customer since 1969

What makes all the difference, other than the food, is the welcome you get. The owners and the staff always welcome you with open arms and make you feel at home in the restaurant. It's like one big happy family.

Léopold Crête customer since 1966

I’ve been coming to the Crêperie for 25 years now and I come back every month for the seafood and the cauliflower with ham au gratin. I hope Ty-Breiz continues to serves its loyal clientele for many years to come.
Yvan Richer customer since 1984

Ty-Breiz is a warm and sympathetic place, a Montreal jewel that I cherish. You feel good here, as if you were in a friend's home. I love the food, the service, the variety, the atmosphere?The proof is I've come back every week since 1973!

Francine Aumais
customer since 1973

Congratulations to Ty-Breiz for 50 years of delicious meals and warm hospitality.

Lucille Rodrigue customer since 1984

My parents brought me to Ty-Breiz when I was very young. When I was six, I would sit near the kitchen to watch the cooks flip the crêpes. Twenty-seven years later, I haven't tired of the onion soup, the Ty-Breiz salad or the hazelnut cream and almond paste dessert crêpe. And joy of joys, when I've had too much to eat, I can take a walk in Lafontaine Park, which is just steps away.

Alexandre Journault
customer since 1976